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Performance enhancement

GShrink  GShrink

 Frontpage, Dreamweaver and other editors add un-needed code to your files, Gshrink will eliminate this and 1-shrink the file size by an average of 25%, 2-have your pages load much faster.Written In perl and easy to use and install(only 1 file) Gshrink allows you to simply paste your html and shrink it. Safe for code as well,perl,java and multimedia....

cgi_buffer  cgi_buffer

 cgi_buffer is a group of libraries that may be used to improve performance of CGI scripts (and other content generation engines) in some circumstances, by applying performance-enhancing HTTP mechanisms that are typically not supported by them. Currently, Perl, Python and PHP are supported. The Python library may also be used as a wrapper around another CGI script....

CGI::Cache  CGI::Cache

 CGI::Cache is a Perl extension to help cache output of time-intensive CGI scripts so that subsequent visits to such scripts will not cost as much time. Features: Can be easily added to any CGI script, mod_perl compatible, Rich control over caching policies, and Auto-generation of cache keys from CGI parameters....



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