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Application framework

ENodes  ENodes

 ENodes is a fast and reliable web development and publishing framework operating as a full layer on Apache via mod_perl. ENodes includes concepts of production and maintenance (versioning, collaborative workflow, multi-site, multi-user, fine granularity of user permissions). It works potentially on all databases managed by "DBI" and have been successfully tested under MySQL and PostgreSQL....

OpenInteract  OpenInteract

 OpenInteract is a web application environment written in perl and geared to run on the Apache web server using the mod_perl plugin module. The environment is built to be not only friendly to people editing and changing a website`s content, but also for the developers who can write code (or complex templates) and create entire applications. Data can be brought into OpenInteract a multitude of ways. You can use it with most any SQL database that the perl DBI (Database Interface) module supports. Test SQL databases include: MySQL and Sybase ASE. Oracle, Sybase ASA and PostgreSQL....

Stouk Win32::Gui Code Generator  Stouk Win32::Gui Code Generator

 Generate a working Perl Win32::GUI code based on simple description text file. Insert custom code into the resulting code and have a working Win32::GUI-based perl application in minutes. Create custom description files and use them as templates for future projects saving even more time! Take a sample-based training exciting 30 minutes might save you long hours of work!...



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