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DB Manipulation  DB Manipulation

 DB Manipulation is a website that will allow users to learn how to set and use a database connection....

How to create a  How to create a "Next X / Previous X Records" Navigation

 If you start using ColdFusion to build small applications, you will soon ask yourself how to create a navigation system similar to the one found in search engines. When a query returns hundreds or thousands of records, it would be nice to have a "Next 10 records" or a 'Previous 10 records" button instead of displaying all the results in a huge table which takes forever to load. To work on this tutorial, you will need to set up a Datasource called 'Database' in the ColdFusion administrator. The .mdb file used in this example can be downloaded along with the code. This tutorial is very detailed....
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DB Queries  DB Queries

 DB Queries will help to learn how to build SQL queries and now to work with the results....

Setting up a Microsoft Access Datasource for ColdFusion  Setting up a Microsoft Access Datasource for ColdFusion

 Before you can use a database in your application, you have to set it up as a datasource. This is a task that tends to confuse many new developers. In this article, we take the mystery out of creating data sources and connecting to databases with ColdFusion....

Nested Categories - Recursion Using Components  Nested Categories - Recursion Using Components

 Just a quick little tutorial on how to create display nested categories from a database using recursion and components. This is the simplest way I`ve found to accomplish recursion in ColdFusion, but feel free to comment if you know a better way....



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