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Tell Friends by  Tell Friends by

 This page demonstrates a simple tell-a-friend function. The tell-a-friend form is placed any where on your page by simply includiing the tag as cf_tellafriend. The tag will send emails refering several friends to the page that you placed this tag on. No attributes need to be supplied. This form posts back to the page and gives an alert message so there is no need to create and maintain a thank you page. Feel free to edit the alert message or the table formatting....

E-mail To A Friend Script  E-mail To A Friend Script

 Features - E-mail to a friend script with full code and notes - Javascript e-mail address validation included - Script is easily customizable with your own form fields (i.e. Your Name, Friend`s Name, Add A Note) and messages Benefits - Time Savings - Obtain a working e-mail a friend script fast - All the associated code to learn from (including notes on how to add and expand the script to include more user form fields, HTML formatted e-mail, etc.). - Did I mention it works and it`s written in Cold Fusion? - Easily included into pages Requirements - Cold Fusion 4.5+ - CFMAIL tag enabed - Knowledge of the location of your mail server (



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