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ColdFusion Poll  ColdFusion Poll

 This poll system allows your website visitors to answer any questions you may ask them while checking for possible errors when processing. The code checks for attempted multiple entries, voting without selecting an answer and more. The administration side of the poll is also covered in this tutorial....

GDPoll  GDPoll

 You have the ability to: Sort polls, Edit the polls question/answers, Delete polls, Format, Allowing the use of the cfchart tag to display results, setting an expiration date, And much more. GDPolls allows only one vote per person for each poll by tracking each vote by the users i.p address. GDPolls also allows for multiple answers polls as well....

Survey Exam Learning Management System SELMS  Survey Exam Learning Management System SELMS

 Create surveys and exams for online testing. Multi page surveys, multiple questions and more: Surveys can be linked to courses, user registration, exams, and other surveys. Exams for competency testing, feature random question sets, random question and answer order, and question/answer weighting: integrated scoring/grading. Question types: true/false, multiple choice select one, multiple choice select multiple, and essay. Reports by user and by survey feature Flash based graphing. Add Classes:Integrate learning objects by adding a title, description, and directory path (or URL); specify topic areas and course credit; built in course listing, registration, and user authentication for course access. User registration offers flexibility with optional custom form fields and the ability to set required/non-required field status. See Site for demo. Available encrypted and unencrypted. Also can be a hosted application on our servers....



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