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Image manipulation

CFX_JpegResize  CFX_JpegResize

 CFX_JpegResize is a custom Cold Fusion tag that can resize JPG images. It takes a file from the server as input, performs a resize, and then saves the file to disk again. This tag will only work on a Windows platform. The resize can either be by a percentage scale factor, or by specifying a new height or width. The amount of Jpeg compression can be changed if required....

CFX_JpegResize  CFX_JpegResize

 This custom Cold Fusion tag can resize and scale JPG images. JPG compression can be modified on saving. Full instructions included....

cf_TagImageVer  cf_TagImageVer

 Write dynamic images with random text, or text from a word list to your forms. On the action form validate that the user input the correct phrase from the image to help prevent automated form posts from spammers and bots. Add your own background image, or use one of the 8 that are included. Change the fonts, colors and more. All from the custom tag that makes it easy to run the image manipulating cfc. This tag uses a cfc from a open source free bsd license and a custom tag to make it easy to add this validation process to your forms. Use it in all your apps and redistribute it with your apps for only $29.99. Only need it on one server? A single server license is only $9.99...

ReaJPEG Pro  ReaJPEG Pro

 ReaJpeg Pro allows you to convert to jpeg format any image and edit it by means of the extensive image capabilities of the built-in editor. Among the features provided by the Standard edition, ReaJpeg Pro supports RAW formats, command-line usage capabilities, and system shell integration. With its low cost and 30-days trial ReaJpeg Pro takes an outstanding position. Use our latest technology to maximize your productivity....



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