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CF_8Ball  CF_8Ball

 Fun game designed with CFML. CF_8Ball is a custom CFML tag which answers you a Yes/No question and it will wow you with its mystical wisdom. CF_8Ball returns a number of variables in addition to a random answer. They are answer to your question, question you asked the 8 Ball and Returns "yes" or "no" depending on if the question you asked was most likely a yes/no type question...

WuName Generator  WuName Generator

 WuName Generator, as name indicates this is WuName generator. What WuName? Play and have fun... This version of the WuName Generator is based CFML script. This generates WuNames in three modes Normal, Pegan and Techno....
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Minchiate Tarot  Minchiate Tarot

 This is one of the interesting game which offers more enhanced features. This game attracts the guest very much by which the site traffic would increase. These cards contains the trump cards, four elements and the astrological houses. 97 cards are there in one single tarot deck. The users could choose their choice out of eleven various Tarot Spreads....

CF_8Ball  CF_8Ball

 CF_8Ball is a custom CFML tag that emulates the old Magic 8 Ball. Ask the 8 Ball a Yes/No question and it will wow you with its mystical wisdom....



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