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Exam9 Online exams  Exam9 Online exams

 This is an online tests and quizzes program written in CFML containing web based software modules for organizing online tests for students. You can create your own question papers for the students with multiple choices for the answers on various subjects. You can set time limits for the tests, provide unique student ID's for all students taking the exams, view the result either in graphical or tabular format etc., Students submissions are corrected automatically and the results are displayed along with the reference number of the students. This program comes in two distinct versions as educator and college with flexible features....

Enter To Win  Enter To Win

 The main aim of this software is to enable a website and capture the e-mail addresses of entrants and to select a winner automatically. e-mails are sent to the winner and losers when the competition is cycled. It can be daily, weekly, monthly or any other period you want. e-mails are also sent to every entrant to let them know that they have been added to the drawings. E-mails can be in HTML or TEXT format. E-mails can be in HTML or TEXT format. This is a great way to attract visitors to your site and grab e-mails for promos - it's also a lot cheaper than other solutions...
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