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ddBloglet - our coldfusion blog customtag  ddBloglet - our coldfusion blog customtag

 This is a program where the users can create blog calender and diaries on their coldfusion servers. This program is suitable with versions like MX, MX 6.1, 4.5 and 5. This program is useful for the webmasters and the users. The users can configure and customize this program easily. It has many features like email notification, search, comments that can be activated or deactivated....

Blog Fusion  Blog Fusion

 This is a cold fusion tool which is a powerful journal that is provided on the website. Users are allowed to post their events and those events are sorted in an order into MS Access database. Features supported in this utility are, it is decrypted and hence it is secured, blog functionality is quite easy and simple to install. It has powerful and fully functional admin control panel....
Tags: utility, tool, control, easy, admin, simple, into, journal, blog, events, post, powerful,

BlogFusion  BlogFusion

 BlogFusion is a powerful, un-encrypted, easy to install, easy to use blog functionality. Multiple content modules that can be placed anywhere in your design template Personal Info (items about yourself) Categories Archives Blog Links General Links Recent Entries Search Recent Comments My Comments (for users to see their own comments) Automatically archives every month when a new month rolls over Unlimited number of Categories Fully customizable interface Send (blog entry) to friend functionality User Comments ability, with only limited HTML inclusion to protect your database XML based RSS feed for syndicating the blog Trackback functionality (Moveable Type standard) Admin Features Fully Web administrable, nearly every function you will need for running the site is controlled through the browser based admin Multiple Users for collabrative blogs Ability to turn on/off comments on entire blog as well as individual entries Publish immediately, or save entry as draft as you work Tool for ma...

KoldKast v2.0  KoldKast v2.0

 Version 2.0 is the result of being rethought and the application being completely coded from scratch. Although you`ll find many common elements compared to other blogs, this is what I believe blog software should be, not what blog software already is. So after hundreds of hours put into the application over the past ten months, I`m very pleased to bring you KoldKast v2.0, the way blogging should be. KoldKast v2.0 now features: - Blocks -- Calendar -- Search -- Mailing List -- Categories -- Custom Blocks - Block ordering - Custom Pages - User Interface Modes (standard, brief and link) - Easy to use admin panel - CSS-based styling configurable via the admin panel. - bad word filter - ban filter - PDF/Flashpaper printing - Comment Spam Security Codes - Send to Friend Feature - Mailing/Subscription List - Unlimited Polls - Unlimited Authors/Admins - Hosting Plans Now Available - And more...

CFBloggy  CFBloggy

 Another ColdFusion blog system designed for ColdFusion begginers. Has all the features of others but in a smaller package. Easy to update and is CSS based....

CFM Blog  CFM Blog

 A very neat and Small Application. A Blogging Engine. A Blog that can be used on Every Shared Host Which have Coldfusion Enabled in very Easy Way. No extra Custom Dll Files, No Additional Java Setups. Just Simple Application, Put in the website and Install it. The Application is Still in beta and New Updates are getting into Soon. Once Setup you just Need to copy the new Updates and It will automatically Update the Blog engine without any Interaction. Some People get into trouble while setting up big blog applications. This will keep your blog running within seconds. Really try it you will never look back. New Updates will be notified on Riaforge...



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