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Ad management

Clickfix  Clickfix

 A sophisticated, versatile, and affordable creative ad serving platform that greatly simplifies the process of managing and rotating creatives on your Web site. ClickFix is a Macromedia Coldfusion based banner ad management software application that supports Microsoft Access, SQL 2000, Oracle & MySQL....

CF Banner  CF Banner

 CF Banner is an affordable, and feature rich ad management software designed to make your advertising campaign system run with ease. It includes report generating tools, banner upload utilities and client logins....

cf_advert  cf_advert

 A Cold Fusion banner ad rotating system. Features: Supports single or multiple banners, Banners can be displayed depending on zone or type of the banner, Tracks how many times each banner have been displayed and clicked, Built-in image manager utility, type editor, zone editor, an much more....

Adsense Downloadable Report Auto Retriever  Adsense Downloadable Report Auto Retriever

 As a Google Adsense Publisher, you may want to check your earning report N times a day, with this simple CF tag, you can get real-time result without log onto the AdSense. Usage 1. Change the following two lines: <cfset strYourEmailAddress="REPLACE WITH YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS"> <cfset strYourPassword="REPLACE WITH YOUR Password"> 2. Upload to your websever, then open it at web browser....



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