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Win32 Socket Client  Win32 Socket Client

 Socket programming in MFC is usually a bit messy. It`s always clean and convenient to write the socket programs using Win32. A big advantage writing these programs in Win32 is, we can follow the same model as in any Unix C++ socket program. Also, with each and every new version of Winsock, we don`t know how many bugs are going to get added to the development frameworks....

Using Internet Sockets  Using Internet Sockets

 This is a beginner`s guide to Network Programming in C++. It covers the basics, and gives you great foundation to the next level....

ppC++ documentation  ppC++ documentation

 This is a documentation for ppC++ - HTML-embedded C++ preprocessor. This manual is very short and clear, shows all positions of current ppC++ development state. For advanced C/C++ programmers....

Linux Socket Programming by Rob Thougher  Linux Socket Programming by Rob Thougher

 This tutorial by Rob Thougher explains how to create a simple server and client using sockets....



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