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File manipulation

File Handling in C Language  File Handling in C Language

 This comprehensive tutorial teaches basics of files and different types of files and their attributes. Simple C language programs are provided on how to write simple text/binary files in C language. At the end it also teaches how to store complete objects into a file are restore them back....

How to load file into memory using plain ANSI C language  How to load file into memory using plain ANSI C language

 This C language article provides example of loading file (binary mode) into memory for later processing. Only standard libraries (stdio.h) are used, the source code is completly cross-platform....

Interacting with TinyPic from C#  Interacting with TinyPic from C#

 The following snippet will demonstrate how to interact with, an image mirroring service, directly from a C# application, using the WebRobot component available from eb-robot/...

File Management in C  File Management in C

 o why do we need FILES? What is the use of complicating the process of storing data? Here is the answer for all these questions. * The entire data is lost when computer is turned off or program is closed, but with the help of FILES we can permanently store data on the disk. * It becomes difficult to handle large amount of data using console oriented I/O operations....



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