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Web fetching

asNews  asNews

 asNews is a simple news retrieving and parsing program which gets the news from the net and shows it in your desktop: news are placed in your favorite WM`s menu or shown using a simple but comfortable GUI....

libstocks  libstocks

 Libstocks is a C library which can be used to fetch stocks quotes. It is currently able to get quotes from a lot of stocks markets. The supported markets are: United States, Canada, Mexico, Brasil, Argentina, Venezuela, Chili, Australia, and European markets. The library fetchs quotes from Yahoo Finance and then creates a doubled linked list of quotes....

Yet Another News Fetcher  Yet Another News Fetcher

 Yanf fetches news from Slashdot, Freshmeat. 32bitsonline, Segfault, Packetstorm, Linuxtelephony, Linuxtoday, Linuxapps and the daily static cartoon of Userfriendly and puts them in a web page. It`s configurable from a config file, in which you can add new sites, remove the ones that you dont like, etc....

Chilkat FTP-2 C++ Static Library  Chilkat FTP-2 C++ Static Library

 Fully supported and commercial FTP C++ library. Copy remote files to your local filesystem. Copy files from your local filesystem to the FTP server. Download text and binary files and access directly in memory. Upload to FTP site directly from memory. Create remote directory. Rename remote files and directories. Delete remote files and directories. Get remote directory listing as XML. Passive/Active modes....



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