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Pollera  Pollera

 Pollera is a simple poll system meant to be run via CGI allowing anyone to fill any of the polls you define. Features include: Keeps a log of IP address so one person/IP can vote only once, Stores the results in an easy to parse plain/text file, One installation can keep up and running as many polls as you want, Allows you to *fully* specify how you want the output pages to be generated for each poll, and Only administrator can close polls....

CGIMachine - Pollmaster  CGIMachine - Pollmaster

 Create your own online polls with graphical evaluation with CGIMachine-Pollmaster. Use any HTML form to design your questions. All stored answers can be viewed directly with the browser in your HTML documents through configurable graphical charts. It features man different styles for your individual needs (e.g. bars, lines or pies). All results are saved with Date/Time and IP-adress in text files which allows you to use the data in any other software for further analysis. The graphical charts can be adapted to your personal needs (e.g. colors, size, legend, marks, borders, 3d, rotation, zoom, ..etc.) CGIMachine - Pollmaster is available in two versions: Light Version ($39) that can handle 200 answers per question and Unlimited Version ($59) that can handle an unlimited number of answers per question....

Wordpress Yahoo Answers plugin  Wordpress Yahoo Answers plugin

 WP answers! A wordpress yahoo answers plugin. Retrieves questions from Yahoo Answers and adds as a wordpress blog post. Plus you have the choice to either retrieve the `Best Answer` or `ALL Answers`. It can also drip-feed at future dates, either [X] days/hourly. Also can add instantly/delay the first question that`s added on the initial setup, add to ANY blog category, region selection, category selection at Yahoo (.com US only). Various versions available from Lite > Elite....



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