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News publishing

htnews  htnews

 htnews is an email robot. It makes it easier to insert news items to your webpage. You have simply to send an email to a special address and the item will be inserted. htnews is highly configurable, supports templates and a basic authentication using passwords and authentication via the originators email-adress....

Lazarus Newsreel  Lazarus Newsreel

 Publish news articles on your web site with ease, simply by filling out a form. Keeping your website current is now a trivial task. Suitable as a complete web logging package A database of articles is maintained and published via the templates that you provide. Will run on nearly any UNIX host that allows system executables for CGI scripts. The Lazarus weblog Lazarus Notes is maintained with this same package. Anti-spam features keep robots from harvesting author e-mail addresses....

Free Newsletter Publishing Software  Free Newsletter Publishing Software

 This software has countless features including newsletter publishing. Allows for HTML or text and contacts can be organized into groups and more. It`s free, it fast and easy to use....



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