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Image manipulation

Cronos` BIOImagingOnline  Cronos` BIOImagingOnline

 BIOImagingOnline seeks to address a number of critical issues surrounding radiology data such as use of multimedia, wide-area access, efficient data transmission, and capability to export results to other software applications. In its initial implementation, it is setup as a demonstration technology test. The sample images range from 10 Megabytes to several hundred Megabytes to demonstrate speed and reliability. Online Demo Available.....


 PonXPM is a useful tool for converting regular image (PNG, JPEG, GIF and BMP) formats into an XPM....

FFTW with OpenCV  FFTW with OpenCV

 In Image Processing, we will using FFT operation many times. Ufortunately, OpenCV only came with DFT function. So we need to use a third party FFT library in order to perform FFT operation. FFTW is a good choice. It`s very fast and freely available at This is an example on how to perform FFT operation using FFTW in OpenCV. It simply loads an image, compute FFT & IFFT, then display the final result. The resulted image has no difference with the original, as it should....

Phase Correlation Function in OpenCV  Phase Correlation Function in OpenCV

 Phase Correlation is a method to check the similarity of two images with equal size. It can be used for template matching, object tracking, motion estimation, etc. This is a function to compute phase correlation by taking a reference image and a template image. the function can be extended for object tracking applications....

Screenshot Processor  Screenshot Processor

 Whether you want to make thumbnails of the sites, or full screenshots, or anywhere in between, this application is up to the task. Automate the process of creating thumbnails or screenshots of websites. You just need to connect to any mysql database with an id and url, and the screenshot processor will take care of the rest. Requirements: 1. This screenshot processor is for use by one individual on one computer. 2. This application works with Windows XP and Vista, and may work with some older versions of Windows also. 3. The host of your database must allow remote connections. Please make sure this is possible before purchasing the software. Be sure to visit our free support forum, or view the screenshot by following the Visit link....



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