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ArtistScope CD  ArtistScope CD

 For copy protection of images and page content distributed by email, download or on CD to be explored with a Windows web browser. ArtisCD produces an encrypted archive to prevent extraction of content. Options include password protection and date expiry. Copysafe Pro (and other copy protection systems) can also be used to prevent all methods of capture including screen capture. Almost anything that you can run on your web site can be run on ArtisCD, including Java, JavaScript, Flash, etc....

Lazarus Image Manager  Lazarus Image Manager

 Use a CGI form to upload images to managed directories on your server. You can set a maximum image size for the folder, and images will be automatically shrunk to fit. The registered version allows multiple directories to be managed....

TGP grabber  TGP grabber

 TGPgrabber is a program that allows to download images and video from TGP sites without web surfing! It will download thousands of graphic images in the shortest time possible due to simultaneous downloading. If you enable autosave, all the downloaded images will be automatically saved to your hard drive. You don`t need to surf through galleries (you know that when you`re trying to find something on such sites, you`re in danger of toolbars, dialers, and other malicious software). You will also forget about annoying pop-ups and redirects!...

Scuba Diving Fish Photo Log  Scuba Diving Fish Photo Log

 Scuba Diving Fish Photo Log The Scuba Diving Fish Photo Log is an AMAZING NEW SOFTWARE DESIGN that can store your images into an unlimited amount of categories, pictures and much more. Imagine being able to hook your digital camera into your PC and directly add your pictures and content! If you like that you`ll love how easy it is to email them to your friends right after you input them!* If your web savvy you even have the option to create an Online Scuba Photo Album to share with your friends just by choosing the simple to use export feature *htms and upload the files to your website! The Scuba Diving Fish Photo Log is packed full of enriched features and was designed to be simple to use!...



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