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Intuitive Guestbook  Intuitive Guestbook

 Intuitive Guestbook is a cool guestbook CGI program that will allow user who visit your site to leave their name, e-mail, location, WWW URL and comment to a public-available section. This CGI has been created to make this experience as enjoyable as possible, security include! It features: HTML tags protection, Absolute appearance editing, E-Mail protection for user who don`t want their e-mail address to be public-available, but who want YOU to get it, If you want, you can receive an e-mail when new entries are sended, including all the infos....

WebCab Guestbook  WebCab Guestbook

 This is a guestbook program that allows users to share impressions between them and also, and lets you see what they are thinking about your page....

Simple ppC++ guestbook  Simple ppC++ guestbook

 It is very simple, but easy extendable guestbook, written in ppC++ - HTML-embedded C++....



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