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File manipulation



File Assemble  File Assemble

 The program needs two filenames as its arguments (A and B); it opens file A, and it will add file B to the end of file A (B is _appended_ to the end of A). Thus to combine a 650 + 50 MB pieces (for instance you had to cut a movie), you only need 50 MB extra space to put them together, not 700....

Chilkat Zip Compression Visual C++ 6.0 Class Library  Chilkat Zip Compression Visual C++ 6.0 Class Library

 Zip compression Visual C++ 6.0 class library featuring: Create new Zips from existing files, memory data, or other existing Zips. Remove specific files within a Zip. Recursively descend directories to Zip everything. Adds files to existing Zips. Merge multiple Zips into one Zip. UnZip and auto-create directories as needed. UnZip only files matching a wildcarded pattern. Directly access the data in its compressed format. Memory Zip/Unzip: Use Zip compression without ever writing files. Open a Zip on the Web. Open and read or unZip the contents of a Zip file from a URL. Also supports GZip, Unix Compression (.Z files), and self-extracting executable creation....

Protec SiteLIne  Protec SiteLIne

 A new data encryption program that allows Internet and especially Intranet (office network users) alike, the ability to encrypt, decrypt, send, and recieve any type of data, whether it be word docs, PDFs, images or programs. Whatever is meant to get to the intended individual, you can be assured it will be for their eyes and their eyes only. Note: A single user encompasses 2 work stations For Business Networks you need to purchase additional stations licenses. Multiple Licenses are available in groups at a discount....



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