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Scintilla`s WWW Access Counter  Scintilla`s WWW Access Counter

 This counter counts the number of accesses to a certain page. This is done by refering to a program in /cgi-bin/(usually called script) which increases the counter andreturns a picture of the current value. So each access to a HTML page results increases this counter....

CGIMachine - Access Counter  CGIMachine - Access Counter

 This is a powerful image counter with 25 graphic number styles for the counter digits. You may also create your own stylings for the counter digits. The Access Counter returns a GIF-graphic of the counter value which has been stored in the counter-database. There is protection against non-authorized usage by a special key-file. In addition, an included Counter WatchDog utility allows you to view the current status of all counters on your server, as well as add, edit or delete counter information....

Web Page Access Counter  Web Page Access Counter

 This program keeps track of the number of times a HTML-page is visited. This is done through a small GIF-image which is inserted into the HTML-page. The counter includes transparent image and anti-terrorist protection options. It allows up to 32 separate counters and different digit styles of any size....

Web Page Access Counter Professional  Web Page Access Counter Professional

 This shareware CGI-program keeps track of the number of times an HTML-page is visited. This is done through a small GIF-image inserted into the HTML-page. It allows unlimited number of separate counters and different digit styles of any size. Includes advanced anti-terrorist protection features and animated counter images support. It also features: Supports multihosted installations, An INI style administration file is used instead of sequential one, Possibility to exclude some IP addresses to change counter value, Dividing all counters to private and public, Possibility to protect both private and public counters against unauthorized access, Possibility to explore the event log directly from your browser, and more....

WebCab Counter  WebCab Counter

 This script allows you to count the number of times a pages has been accessed. Every time when the page is requested the counter increments itself with one unit. It supports multiple counters and uses an image tag to display each counter....



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