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Chat scripts

Lucid Chat  Lucid Chat

 Lucid Chat`s innovative nature is taking web-based chat to the next level. Unlike other chat software, Lucid Chatprovides real-time text streaming without the need for Java, ActiveX, or a Netscape plugin. Key features include: Full web-based administration, Streaming text from a web interface, Customization for your company and customer, and more....

Yacca  Yacca

 Yacca is an advanced chat bot (other plugins are under development, including a command-line only version for you to interact with yacca) that is designed to resemble a human chatter as closely as possible....

PVD Tusa Chat  PVD Tusa Chat

 PVD Tusa Chat is a highly productive web server for online and offline dialog. It is a kind of mini portal which includes web chat, forum, local mail and many other things. IRC Modules QUIZ Modules Mafia Modules...

Mr. ChaTTY  Mr. ChaTTY

 Mr. ChaTTY is a POSIX compliant CLI chat to talk via UNIX terminals through LANs and WANs. It`s a client/server based application, it`s written in ANSI C and uses BSD sockets for network communications....

Linkbot  Linkbot

 Linkbot started out in #uacs on freenode, and migrated with us to the UACS IRC network. The idea was simple: people post a lot of interesting links on IRC and sometimes you want to look at them again later (or look at them when you`re not at work ... you know). Linkbot collects all the links posted in the channel in a simple text file, and there is a CGI script to display them online....



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