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Web fetching

Grab data from other websites  Grab data from other websites

 It`s an often-requested feature these days. The ability to be able to grab and parse a web-page on someone else`s server. Corporate clients like to show their current share price. Link indexes like to grab title, meta tags and content. It`s a nifty thing. Here`s how it`s done, using two different components....

How to Build a Low-Budget Web Service with Classic ASP  How to Build a Low-Budget Web Service with Classic ASP

 This article illustrates how to create a news feed Web service in classic ASP. The Web service created is extremely light-weight, requiring minimal Web server requriements. Basically, it uses a light-weight, cilent-side JavaScript file....

Access remote URLs with asp  Access remote URLs with asp

 This tutorial will show you how to use XMLHTTP Object to request a page to a remote address from your server. Some copy and paste examples are included in the tutorial....

Grab remote content on the fly  Grab remote content on the fly

 This tutorial is intented to learn you how it is possible to retrieve the content of a remote webpage on the fly with ASP. Something that can be very usefull in order to parse and search for information that could be shared with others or in order to send the content of a webpage via mail!...

Web Fetching Tutorial - Connect Scripts  Web Fetching Tutorial - Connect Scripts

 You can Web Fetch by using just ASP! Even if you have little experience with HTML or ASP, you will completely understand how to Web Fetch with the best! Imagine the ability to place dynamic content in your website such as news, horoscopes, weather, lottery, traffic reports, music charts and much more! The possibilities are truly endless with Web Fetching! All you need is the desire to add content to your website! How many times have you been surfing and found content which would be valuable to your website visitors? Now get the content on your website using "Connect Scripts - Web Fetching Lessons"! As a free bonus, my premium web fetching scripts have been included with your purchase. This includes auction, horoscopes, weather, and news web fetching scripts!...



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