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Web Dev - eCards  Web Dev - eCards

 This script is built in ASP that helps webmasters to allow their site visitors to greet their friends online by sending electronic greeting cards with music and customizable text and color. MS Access database is used to store the data. It offers several features like, sender can request copy of the card, users can customize text color, text size, font type, background color, image etc., Cookies are used to remember sender email address and name and more....

ecCard ASP eCard email postcard class library  ecCard ASP eCard email postcard class library

 ecCard is a 100% ASP/VBScript class library designed to allow you to integrate a simple on-line email card (eCard) system using images stored in a floder on your web site. Designed to be easily integrated into existing ASP based web sites by a web site developer with basic ASP/Html programming skills. Developer license allows use on unlimited number of sites. Features; Reads image files directly from your web site folder (display in single or multiple column format. Built in standard formats for input forms and eCard. Ability to create custom input form templates (input fields are fixed). Ability to create custom eCard output templates. Dynamically generates and sends eCard email. Supports CDOSYS or ASPEMAIL email components. Fully commented test application included....
Tags: email, image, web, create, files, images, system, library, folder, site, application, using, test, form, programming, developer, class, forms, multiple, templates, custom, simple, basic, number, into, input, column, for, sites, license, fields, standard,

ASP Greeting Card Starter Kit  ASP Greeting Card Starter Kit

 ASP Greeting Card Starter Kit is an ASP based messaging utility that helps your site visitors to send their greetings with messages to their neighbours. Visitors can customize the photo image of the card by changing background, adding sound and flash image with the card. It offers several features like, high quality MIDI music files, set of images and card environments, MS Access database to store images etc.,...

ASP Postcard Mentor  ASP Postcard Mentor

 ASP Postcard Mentor is an useful utility for the webmasters to allow their site visitors to send their greetings by using images to their friends. Users can also upload their own images using upload facility to send to their friends. Its easy to handle and to use....

ASP and Flash Christmas Ecard  ASP and Flash Christmas Ecard

 This is a very simple greeting card utility built with flash and ASP. Site visitors can enter their name and greeting message which will be included in the generated flash file. Users can use their own flash movies to include more cards....
Tags: utility, flash, message, movies, simple, name, greeting, greetingcard,



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