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Ms word asp

Dynamically Write Office Documents  Dynamically Write Office Documents

 Dynamically create Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel documents using ASP. Covers Content-Type and Content-Disposition headers, plus style and formatting options....

Exporting Data From mySQL to Excel  Exporting Data From mySQL to Excel

 Aim of this sampel code is to show how to export data from a database server to excel. At this time we prefred to use mySQL. Because there are enough examples running with other databases eg. MS Access and MS SQL....

Creating Word Files Online  Creating Word Files Online

 ASP has the ability to dynamically output any kind of office application format. Before to start coding, The first thing we need to do is set correct file type. Becase the browser needs to know what to do with the file. Second step is to edit file name. You can use HTML and CSS to create styles in your word document....



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