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Mailing list management

Creating a Mailing List Program  Creating a Mailing List Program

 Have you ever wanted to create a mailing list on your site? Tired of using those so-called free services that insert advertisements into all of your e-mails? Well this basic tutorial shows you how to create your own mailing list program in ASP. Included with this article is all source code free to download....

Creating an ASP based News Letter  Creating an ASP based News Letter

 This tutorial will walk you through the steps of creating a complete functional news letter for your site. Each and every step has been explained in detail to help newbies understand whats going on. Uses DSN less connection so you can add the code in your site right away. Database and code available for download....

You`ve Got Mail! - Site Server Direct Mailer  You`ve Got Mail! - Site Server Direct Mailer

 This article explains in graphics how to configure Site Server Direct Mailer, create test members and distribution lists, create template emails, and finally, create and run a Direct Mailer package to send the personalized emails to the target members....



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