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Click tracking

Count Click Throughs (With a Db)  Count Click Throughs (With a Db)

 Need to track where your users are clicking to from your site? This a asp program through which you can easily count and display the number of click through from your site with a database. Simply set all the links that you want to track to a single asp document and pass the URL as a querystring variable Db and redirect the browser to the URL clicked on....

CodeAvalanche LinkExchnage  CodeAvalanche LinkExchnage

 Using CodeAvalanche LinkExchnage webmaster can automate link exchange, get valuable hits and boost page rank. Easy add and mantain database of your link partners. Show most valuable link partners first.Allow your visitors to submit new links.Approve submited links. View click through history for all links. Microsoft Access driven....
Tags: database, history, page, link, automate, boost, click, submit, for,

Track website Traffic with invisble counter  Track website Traffic with invisble counter

 130 custom reports with pie line bar graphs of live hits on your site. Copy and paste a small code on your pages you want to track. ebay tracer included. No need to parse log files....

ASP Script to track clicks, hide URLs, count downloads  ASP Script to track clicks, hide URLs, count downloads

 ASP script that can be used to track ad campaign URLs, measure effectiveness of each campaign, monitor clicks on various links or simply hide your affiliate links to protect your commissions from thieves. Real-time stats are shown such as referring URL, IP stamp, time of visit, etc. Script maintains simple text database. Free demo is available on our website....

Creating a Click-Through Tracking System  Creating a Click-Through Tracking System

 This tutorial along with a simple example code shows how to create a database-driven click-through tracking system using ASP. Useful for monitoring click-throughs for banners, hyperlinks or file downloads....



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