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Chat scripts

Simple ASP Chat  Simple ASP Chat

 This tutorial explains how to create a simple chat system using ASP. To start with create a simple form where the user can type some text. Whatever the client types in this form has to be appended to a text file, this text file will then be displayed to the client. The actual writing to the text file is done with an Active Server Script....

Chat Using ASP & XML  Chat Using ASP & XML

 This article presents a nice little chat system that uses Microsoft`s XMLHTTP Object to transfer the messages and user list. It features public as well as private modes, and is currently configured so that the browser requests the current users list from the server every 5 seconds. This article assumes that you are familiar with ASP, XML and HTML....

Shoutbox tutorial  Shoutbox tutorial

 This tutorial will show you how to make an easyest, known as shoutbox, and how to connect to access database, see data and write data over a form....



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