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RoomBooking  RoomBooking

 RoomBooking makes it easy for all staff to book, hold and settle events and arrangements such as meetings, courses, receptions etc. RoomBooking is a user-friendly easy to use application servicing the company`s internal users and assisting the service staff. RoomBooking are not an advanced can-do-everything system but an easy and simple application....

MedReport 2.0  MedReport 2.0

 MedReport is a professional tool for pharma sales force reporting. It provides a company with all the information it needs to take the best marketing and sales decisions based on direct market data. Core module * Detailed Reports: Visit to doctors, visit to pharmacies, other situations (with visit hour, product promoted, promo material offered, observations, and many more). * Planning: weekly and monthly. * Detailed Information about: Doctors, Pharmacies, Hospitals * Estimated sales per doctor and per pharmacy * Market information knowledgebase * Countless statistics which provide for an exact evaluation of the reprentative * Tasks * Easy export to MS Excel * Internal Messaging System * Solid Help * Easy to translate it in any language (just edit one file ) * Multiple user level support (standard it has: representative/regional manager/business unit manager, but it supports any number of user levels) To this we could add any feature or report you may want....

Pacific Timesheet  Pacific Timesheet

 Pacific Timesheet is web-based timesheet software that provides payroll, project, job costing, time and attendance features in one system. Other modules include automated approvals, billing and pay rates, time-off scheduling, custom reporting, iPhone timesheet, IVR integration, time clock integration and DCAA compliant. We support all major operating systems and browsers. It is available in license or ASP/online....

Websol Dating Software  Websol Dating Software

 A complete dating website made in asp using msaccess as the backend, source code is unencrypted, download and start your dating website...

Multiple Operator Chat Software  Multiple Operator Chat Software

 Multiple operator chat software loads instantly, enabling users to engage in chat from anywhere in the world. Online multi chat application helps users in promoting all online businesses like stock market, auto sales, insurance and web hosting etc. Multi chat utility allows administrator to change login id and password of the application. Multiple operator chat software enables you to send messages even if customer support executive is not available or offline at that time. Live web chat utility allows multiple website visitors or customers to address their queries to technical support executives. Software records complete visitor information including IP address, OS and host name etc. Online web chat application helps support agents to easily and instantly interact with multiple customers or website visitors simultaneously....

SimpleIPC  SimpleIPC

 SimpleIPC is a set of objects, server processes, and configuration tools which allow you, the software developer, to have some of your application`s work performed in an external process on the same machine. SimpleIPC uses .NET Remoting over the IPC channel, but your client can be .NET, COM or Java, so it provides a simple interop from Java or COM to .NET. You can run many IPC servers on a machine and improve your horizontal scalability....



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