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Search Wizard for IIS  Search Wizard for IIS

 This is a nice interfaced site search script that also allows you to search major search engines by redirecting your query. Currently supported search engines include Alta Vista, Yahoo, Infoseek, Excite, Lycos, and Hotbot....

GoogleBox ASP  GoogleBox ASP

 GoogleBox ASP allows you to display the Top 10 search results from Google for a particular search query on your web page. Uses RDF/XSLT to format and syndicate the results and includes a `more` results link which takes you to results 11-20 on Google for the particular search. The only minimum requirement is MSXML 3 or higher. It also supports the MS SOAP Toolkit and IP*Works for ASP SOAP component. Blank entry fix....

Search Many Sites from One Location  Search Many Sites from One Location

 A short ASP example script for redirecting user input for the search terms to a selected search engine. Using response.redirect, it allows users to search any given number of search engines with just a few mouse clicks....

UK search engines  UK search engines

 This script is for those who want to search a UK specific search engine. It currently includes 9 search engines, is easy to modify, and query is displayed in a new window.... Search Engine (ASP) Search Engine (ASP)

 This ASP script provides an interface to Search Engine. It allows you to query its search engine and display the results on your website. The system is fully customizable. Users can perform searches by clicking on keywords or by using the search box. You can choose keywords that best fit your site theme and organize them. This ZIP package includes the result.asp file that retrieves results from its server and the index.asp file using to call the result.asp page....

Google search in your site  Google search in your site

 Google allow us to access to XML files with search results. In this script XMLHTTP Object is used to access this remote information, and after processing the XML file, search results are shown on your page. Just copy and paste the script....

skyDomain  skyDomain

 skyDomain is an advanced yet easy to use Domain Lookup Software for your website. If you are running a hosting company your customers can use skyDomain to search for available domains....



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