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Site indexing

SantryIndexer  SantryIndexer

 SantryIndexer is an index server script used for indexing hard documents on your Web server. Just drop this script into the root of your Website, it will then list all the physical folders located off the root, allowing you to browse the various sub directories. Then using indexing services it will list a summary of the documents contained in the folder. It also supports searching files in the entire Web or just the current folder, paging of records, document type designation....

aspMusicSearch  aspMusicSearch

 This script uses the Microsoft Indexing Service object for all queries. The index service will pull MP3 tag data out of the files if they are named properly. If no tag exists the script degrades nicely. Searches are fast and you can customize your index service to update as you deem appropriate. I left mine at the default settings. You may redistribute as you please, however please leave me some credit and send me a copy!...



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