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Database search

AXML ASP Search  AXML ASP Search

 AXML ASP Search is a database oriented asp search engine, for use with any site hosted on the Microsoft IIS platform and supporting ASP. Works with MSSQL or Access Database. Because it`s 100% script, there`s no requirement to register any dll(s) or install any software(s). This makes it ideal for searching database articles with your hosted ASP sites! Works straight out of the box, 100% script - no components or software to install, easily customized to match your site design, automatically filters HTML code and Google common words(is, a, in, the, to etc). It has browsing capability (Next, Previous, Jump to page) and sortings on keywords and hits per article....

Simple Database Search Engine  Simple Database Search Engine

 This is a simple ASP script that allows you to search one or more fields in a database based on one or more entered keywords. If you enter no criteria, all results are displayed. You can enter keywords separated by spaces or by commas. You can also choose the fields to be searched and the type of search....

Simple Search  Simple Search

 This is a simple script called Simple Search. To set this script up just enter a DSN at the top of the Default.asp page and the rest is cake. What this does is once you enter in the DSN, the script will list all tables and views in the database, select a table or view and you can then search on the fields contained in the database....

MDR DB Search  MDR DB Search

 An easy way to make database searching available in your website or application is MDR DB Search. Fully customizable, designed with flexibility in mind....

Google map API UK Postcode Search  Google map API UK Postcode Search

 This is a simple AJAX / ASP script that returns the longitude and latitude from a UK postcode or street name. The code has been written for the Google map API and is an extension to the geocode....



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