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Open directory project

ODPac Internet Search  ODPac Internet Search

 ODPac is a search script which will allow your visitors to search the Open Directory Project database without leaving your site. Great for increasing the stickiness of your website....

Engine Promotion - DMOZ Extractor  Engine Promotion - DMOZ Extractor

 You can add the Basic Engine Promotion script to any part of your website. - Help make your website `sticky` by adding a search function to your website. - This Free version will allow you to display the results of DMOZ directly onto your page in HTML - ready for the spiders :) -...


 ODP++ uses (Open Directory Project) to retrieve real time data and display it. Unlike other similar scripts, you have full control over the appearance. It has improved built in support for creating niche web directories. It also comes with several plugins for amazon asociates, news headlines, etc. You can change every bit of HTML source. It is totally template and module based so that you can decide on the positions of the modules and how they will look like. The modules are: Categories, search box, links, newsgroups, etc. Other features include: SSI Emulation, remote SSI, remote html clipping, custom plugin API and plug and run library modules. (Requires perlscript)....


 Free ASP script that parses and lists the results on your site. Displays categories, category descriptions, category FAQs and search results pulled from Also since ODP switched to utf-8, many of the older scripts will not display other languages. This one will. Future versions will include a cache system and other features. So far, this Beta version just the bare bones....



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