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Pdf generation

aspEasyPDF  aspEasyPDF

 Library that generates PDF documents in real-time from any language; ASP, VB, VBS, Delphi, C and more. Supports text at any positions, multiple fonts, links, outlines, security (40-128 bits), BMP,GIF,JPG,JP2,TIFF,TGA, PNG graphics, forms objects, JavaScript, includes VisualEasyPDF editor to design your documents output....

easyReportPDF  easyReportPDF

 easyReportPDF is a library for developers to create Reports in PDF from any data source. It`s based on the award winning aspEasyPDF library for rendering fast PDF documents trough the WEB and being optimized to use it on any application development that needs to use real-time Data Reporting by connecting to a database server. But what really differs from aspEasyPDF library? We have simplified aspEasyPDF, added database connection, fast scripting interpretation and finally report rendering features; The result is that you design the report with VisualEasyPDF, which is a product designed for data reporting ( included on the license ), saves the report and run it from your application without coding a line for the report. No other library makes it easier, give a try to the trial version....



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