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dgSort  dgSort

 dgSort is an ActiveX component that allows you to reorder a one- or two-dimensional Visual Basic array so that the contents are in ascending order. It can sort the various simple data types, such as a date, number, or string, or it can sort a more complex array composed of object references. dgSort can also handle nulls and the empty string, and conversely, it can handle very large numbers and very long strings. Options allow you to name methods to be used as less than and greater than comparisons. And with other options, you can declare a reference to a secondary object that, when given two values, will determine the ordering relation between them....

ASPSort  ASPSort

 The ASPSort ASP component provides a simple way to quick sort ASP arrays. The routines are written in C++ and are quick. The module can sort up to 12 single dimension ASP arrays deep, or a single multi-dimensioned array of any legal size....



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