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Performance enhancement

Active Cache for ASP  Active Cache for ASP

 Crainiate Active Cache provides dramatic performance and scalability improvements for any ASP page running under Microsoft Windows 2000 or Windows 2003. The product uses disk-based page and page fragment caching to eliminate unnecessary ASP processing such as database lookups and database output processing. The product is ideal for processor intensive pages, drop downs and other content populated from databases, search results and content management applications....

ASP Profiling Component  ASP Profiling Component

 How do you decide which piece of code is faster? Guessing isn`t the right decision, profiling is! This component measures the runtime of the piece of code you want to profile, allowing you to verify your performance improvements....

Active Page Generator (APGen)  Active Page Generator (APGen)

 Active Page Generator (APGen) is the leading programming environment for generating static and more static web pages. APGen lets developers use VBScript, JScript (and optionally PerlScript and Python), and COM to generate HTML, XML, ASP, JSP, and other file formats. APGen was designed to leverage ASP programming skills and tools while providing a new solution for content generation. APGen extends the functionality of dynamic web page technology by enabling content generation independent of HTTP requests. Benefits include: 5x to 90x faster web sites (gains in scalability and response speed), Programmable web site creation and maintenance, More reliable web sites, and Compatibility with caching products....

MX Kollection ASP - Work Smart  MX Kollection ASP - Work Smart

 MX Kollection 3 is a bundle of InterAKT`s most popular MX extensions that will change the way one creates dynamic web applications with Dreamweaver. If you are a ColdFusion, ASP VB or PHP developer you will find that our product will enable you to develop e-Commerce, CMS, CRM, back-end and other web-based solutions with increased efficiency, quality and capability. Our customers think of it as the next level in Dreamweaver MX visual software development. Benefit from: --File and image upload; --Advanced form validation; --Professional user authentication; --Automatic send e-mail capabilities; --Lists and forms with CSS support; --Multiple insert and delete; Multiple updates in Excel like grid; --Visual query builder; --13 different widgets; --Looper and nested repeat; --Functional Server Side Includes; Dynamic web development even for designer. Do projects that were previously out of your reach....



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