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Joel.Net.WebLogs  Joel.Net.WebLogs

 With the helps of this ASP.NET based web control website administrators can have a system to build webLogs or blogs. This program facilitates webmasters by provding all tools which are essential to generate webLogs and blogs. Webmasters can also perform perfect customization to suit all their needs. This program uses XML file to save all the entries....

TopNews News and Blog Headlines  TopNews News and Blog Headlines

 Keep your visitors up to date on that latest news items that YOU decide are important. TopNews can use any valid RSS feed to add the latest Blog or news headlines to your website! TopNews is a simple ASP.NET server control that can be added to your website using an IDE or a simple HTML tag. Using advanced CSS you can mold TopNews to fit seamlessly into your existing site design....

Archetype  Archetype

 Archetype 2.0 is designed to save you time setting up and maintaining your personal website. Using Archetype you will have more time to enjoy creating memories for your site rather than updating your site. Archetype includes a fully dynamic photo album engine allowing you to create and maintain online photo albums with extreme ease. It packs some powerful features such as allowing your visitors to adjust the size of your images to suit their needs. Using the Dynamic Photo Album you simply upload images to your photo album, the engine takes care of the rest. No more messing with HTML, cropping images, or hosting thumbnails. The Dynamic Photo Album makes use of our Dynamic Image Scaling engine. Creating thumbnails and downscaling images on the fly with no additional files eating up precious storage space! By using the Web Journal System you are able to keep your visitors up to date on all your latest news. Effortlessly you can post new articles to your site using the administration i...

Presstopia  Presstopia

 Presstopia is an open source blogging application written entirely in ASP.NET. It supports MySQL, MS Access and MS SQL Server databases, Atom 0.3 and RSS 2.0 feeds, multiple authors, comment, trackbacks, update ping notification, and much more....

Absolute Podcasting .NET  Absolute Podcasting .NET

 Give your Site its own Voice : Absolute Podcasting is a Complete Podcasting and Audio Blogging tool in ASP.NET,with a Web 2.0 look and AJAX based features. Complete Out-of-The Box podcasting site or use it as an extension to your web site. Unlimited mp3 and audio files, categories and users. RSS and Widget syndication, archives, banner ad support, social bookmarks and more...

DotNET myBlog  DotNET myBlog

 DotNET myBlog is a light weight but fully featured blog management system powered by ASP.NET. You can post unlimited blog posts and receive unlimited blog comments....

Santilab Technorati Integrator  Santilab Technorati Integrator

 Our API library for Technorati, written in C#, with support for all the Technorati APIs (CosmosQuery, SearchQuery, GetInfoQuery, BlogInfoQuery, TagQuery, TopTags, ...). Santilab Technorati library can easily interact with Technorati, perform queries and produce the data in organized trees. Santilab Technorati library is easy to use and easy to implement. It is ideal for both beginners and advanced users! Santilab Technorati library enables you to harness the full power of Technorati API very easily. Santilab Technorati library Technorati data in XML, RSS, Atom formats. For more information visit our website



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